Naturally Raised Meat

At Waters Edge Farm our goal is to bring you a naturally raised local meat without all the use of sterroides, antibiotics and GMO's.
Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed and finished, without the use of any steroid, or antibiotics. 



Naturally Raised, Grass Fed and Fished 


Side or Quarter

$6.85 lb hanging weight


10 lb Mixed Box



25 lb Mixed Box



Beef Jerky

Teriyaki or Sweet and Spicy

$9.99 per 100g


Garlic Coil / Pepperoni  

$3.50 per 100g


Jalapeño and Cheese Smokes 4 Pkg

$3.60 per 100g

Landrace/Berkshire Pork

All of our pork is naturally raised without the use of steroids antibiotics and fed non-GMO food. You can taste the difference!


Available by the Full or 1/2 Side     

$5.25 hanging weight


Freezer boxes (include a variety of chops, steaks, roasts,                                             ham, bacon, and sausage)

10lb   $80.00

20lb   $120.00                  

Free Range Chicken

Naturally Raised, Free Range Chicken, fed nothing but unmedicated, non-GMO food. 



$5.25 lb orders over 5 $5.00



$10.50 lb


Bone In - Thighs or Drumsticks

6  lb


Whole Legs

$5.75 lb



$5 lbs